What Is Staging And Why Do You Need It? Top Tips from an East Bay Realtor


Staging can be a valuable tool for selling real estate. In this article, we discuss what staging is and could help you sell your home from the perspective of an East Bay realtor.

Staging Defined 

What Is Staging And Why Do You Need It? Tips from an East Bay Realtor

In its simplest terms, staging is the process of preparing a home for sale. This is done to increase the home’s appeal to potential buyers. If done correctly, staging can help a house sell quicker and potentially for more money.

Why Home Staging?

Posting home staging pictures online can entice interested buyers to come check out your home. It also gives them the opportunity to imagine themselves living there. This helps them feel a connection to the home on an emotional level.

Home Staging Tips From An East Bay Realtor

There are several quick and easy things you can do to do make your home staging experience a successful one:

| Range Homes

1.        Create more space. This is accomplished by changing the layout and moving furniture around. Opening the blinds and allowing natural light to enter rooms can give the illusion of more space as well.  

2.       Make use of what you have. Use any throw pillows, vases, candles, and other items you may have to improve the appeal and décor of your home.

3.       Make your home smell good. A pleasant-smelling home can make the home warm and inviting. Consider using a reed diffuser or simply bake some cookies. In addition to a pleasant-smelling home, you can never go wrong with a clean-smelling home as well.

4.       Eliminate personal items.  Removing personal items helps interested buyers see your home from their eyes, not yours. This includes removing personal pictures, plaques, trophies, toys, visible Wi-Fi routers, and other items.

5.       Clean your home thoroughly. The goal is to have your home as clean as possible. In some instances, potential home buyers will lower their asking price to cover the cost of cleaning the home prior to moving in. Hiring professionals to clean your home might be a wise option if you’re unable to do it yourself.

6.       Don’t forget the curb appeal. Home staging begins the instant people see your home. This means making sure the outside of your home passes the “eye test” as they drive up:

  • Mow the lawn
  • Make sure the house number is clearly visible and easy to read
  • Trim any overgrown hedges or greenery
  • Put down a new welcome mat
  • Power-wash the walkway
  • Wash the windows

Home Staging Bonus Tips From an East Bay Realtor

In addition to the above suggestions, here are a few additional tips to make your home staging an unforgettable one from an East Bay realtor:

  • Add a splash of color to a room with large bowls of plastic fruit such as oranges, apples and grapes
  • Apply orange oil to cabinets to give them a nice shine and make them look like new
  • Home stage the back yard with flowers and potted plants. For added color, place bright dinner plates on the backyard tables
  • For the bathroom, place a basket filled with a couple towels and a few spa treatment items, such as scented soaps, lotions, and moisturizers. Top it off with a bow for an added touch.
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Putting it All Together

Home staging could play a key role in getting your house sold at (or above) your asking price. For some, hiring a professional home stager may be a wise option. Are you looking to sell your property in East Bay? Need assistance with house staging?

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