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At Range Homes we pride ourselves on our ability to work with sellers to understand exactly what you want and to be transparent as to what is happening in the market and therefore what is achievable. Often sellers can be disillusioned by agents with big promises and no delivery. You won’t get that with us. Our agents are hardworking, passionate and honest.


Real Estate Agent Search

Finding a Real Estate Partner who shares your values and dreams

It is an emotional decision to sell your home. A home is full of memories, and Range Homes will focus on ensuring your home selling process commemorates the best of these memories. To support you through this, we will leverage our extensive real estate experience and housing market know-how to make the selling process as easy as possible. As a starting point we will need to uncover your motivations for selling your home, agree a home sale timeline and a home sale marketing plan. During this stage Range Homes will also deliver housing market analysis to see how your home compares with other properties for sale on the local property market. Range Homes has a proven track record for homes sales, and you can rely on us to be your sales champion and best source of counsel and efficient solutions.


Understand the Housing Market

Learn Your Home’s Place in the Market

Range Homes has extensive knowledge on the regions and communities it serves. This includes an exceptional knowledge of the local housing markets. This will assess things like property features, home size, home location, housing market demand, and recent comparable home sales. This data will form part of a comparative market analysis (CMA), that will help determine a competitive property listing price. Getting this price right is critical because it will ensure we attract qualified home buyers and drive maximum interest to the property you are selling.


Get your home listed

Know where and when to list your home for sale

Range Homes supports complete transparency when selling your home. As we support you through the early home sales stages, we will ensure that you feel confident about our plans to sell your home. Our sales listing agreement gives us permission to advertise your property and handle the sale of your house. But it also gives you peace of mind. It covers the terms of our commitment to you, the efforts we will make in selling your home and the length of time the home will be listed for sale. At this stage we will also discuss our home selling strategy and what you can expect next.


Make Your Property Shine

Pay attention to the details when preparing your home for sale

Two of the biggest factors when selling your home are curb appeal and a stylish yet inspiring interior. Range Homes will work with you to maximize your home’s potential in these areas before it is listed for sale on the housing market. We will strategize with our real estate network of skilled vendors to ensure property improvements, room staging, home photography, and property videography are all of professional standard. They need to give buyers a compelling reason to show more than a passing interest in your home for sale. Remember, you only have a matter of seconds to make a great first impression. Together we will make every second count!


Smart Marketing Choices

Market Your Home for sale effectively and engagingly

Now more than ever, the way you market your home for sale needs to be unique and engaging. Range Homes will combine its industry-defining real estate technology and robust online housing marketing strategies with tried-and-true home sales techniques. We will develop a customized sales marketing plan for your home sale. This will include high-quality home sales fliers, energetic open houses, and alerting local buyer’s agents to give your home for sale optimum exposure. We will engage our trusted service providers network, such as photographers, to bring your home for sale to life, generating local and global interest.


Be Prepared to Negotiate

Negotiating the sale of your home is normal, but it takes skill

When a buyer makes an offer, remember that they do so expecting to negotiate. So, you should do the same. Range Homes will leverage every real estate negotiation tool we know to help you secure the best deal possible, arriving at a home sale price that satisfies both parties. We will coach you through sale terms, property sale contingencies, and the buyer’s home financing. You are nearing the end of the home selling process. We want you to receive a fair price for your home and one that not only reflects the market, but one that means you walk away happy.


Cross the Finishing Line

Seal the Deal – Sell your home

The final hurdle, the final stage. It is time to close on the sale of your East Bay home. We will support you during these final home sale steps, engaging with the home buyer’s real estate agent and home lending institutions to ensure all requirements are met. We will ensure final property inspections are performed, home financing is approved on time, and all the necessary property disclosure documents are provided and signed. Then, all that is left is for you to sign, and congratulations – you have just sold your home!

Range Homes helps people buy and sell homes throughout the East Bay

We work with people buying and selling homes in the East Bay. Are you looking to find out more about a region you are looking to buy in? Click on the region below to find out current real estate market data and some great information on the local area.

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