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Vacaville Overview

Vacaville is a city located in Solano County in Northern California. Sitting approximately 35 miles from Sacramento and 55 miles from San Francisco, it is within the Sacramento Valley but is also considered, at least by some agencies, to be part of the San Francisco Bay Area. Vacaville schools are amongst the best in the region and are often the reason parents move into the area. With great community spirit and involvement, Vacaville may have the best mix of small-town charm and big-city convenience anywhere in Solano County. Vacaville CA, real estate is a wonderful choice for your next family home or investment property.

Vacaville Regional Website

Vacaville School District

Did You Know These Vacaville Fun Facts?

Things to do in Vacaville

  1. Andrews Park: Andrews Park has year-round events and is home to the famous Creekwalk in Downtown Vacaville. Bring your family and pets to enjoy the spectacular scenery, gigantic wooden playground, and walking trails.
  2. Centre for Freedom & Flight: The Centre of Freedom & Flight is a historical aircraft museum that focuses on the history of aviation in Vacaville.
  3. Pena Adobe Regional Park: Pena Adobe Regional Park offers amazing hiking trails and is home to the historical landmark, Pena Adobe Home which was built in 1843.
  4. Vacaville Museum: Since 1984, the Vacaville Museum has advocated the value of community heritage and has produced over forty exhibitions.
  5. Farmers Market: Located Downtown in Andrews Park, the Farmers Market runs from May to October every Saturday morning.

Vacaville News

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Vacaville History

In 19851, McDaniel purchased land from Juan Manuel Vaca and Juan Felipe Pena, with the hesitant agreement that one square mile area would be used to create a township called “Vacaville”. The fertile soils of California’s Central Valley led to a boom in agriculture, and by 1892, Vacaville was incorporated as a city. Before farming became popular in California, Vacaville’s population sat at around three hundred. However, by 1930 the city boomed with over five hundred farms and ranches operated across the city limits. Following the end of World War II, Vacaville’s development continued to increase radically. The demand for new businesses and buildings intensified as highway and transport technologies improved.

At its heart, Vacaville holds the spirit of pioneering – evident in the town’s early days as it pushed through the Depression-era. Today, the city is home to some of the largest and most successful international life-science companies and operates the Premium Outlet stands, which is one of the greatest retail hotspots in all of California. Vacaville continues to host the annual festival, Fiesta Days. The festival began in the 50s to celebrate Western rodeo and Hispanic culture through a parade and beauty pageant in the area locally known as “Old Town”. Old Town is dominated by beautiful Queen Anne-style Victorian homes that were built when first settling back during 1894 when gold was found near the area.

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