Are you looking for homes for sale in Napa, CA? Range Homes has helped customers buy and sell homes in Napa County for many years and we are here to help you. Looking to buy a home in Napa County? We have some great market data to help you pick the perfect area, and Napa County Realtors are ready to help you find your dream home.

Napa Overview

Napa is the largest city in the Napa County, California area with a population of about 78,000 people. It is home to notable people such as Larry Allen, former NFL Player, Adam Housey and golfer Johnny Miller. Napa’s highly educated population and workforce reflect a community that values education and actively supports a preeminent school system that ranks well year on year. Napa County CA, real estate is a wonderful choice for your next home or investment property.

Napa Regional Website

Napa School District

Did You Know These Napa Fun Facts?

Things to do in Napa

  1. Napa County Historical Society: Napa is a region steeped in history, and the Napa County Historical Society provides guided tours by knowledgeable historians.
  2. Oxbow Public Market: The Oxbow Public Market in downtown Napa has a wide range of fresh produce, homewares, and homemade souvenirs. The market also hosts live music, wine, and beer tastings, and cooking demos.
  3. O’Brien Estate: You can’t visit Napa without visiting the famed wine region the area is known for.
  4. Skyline Wilderness Park: Skyline Wilderness Park has more than twenty-five miles of beautiful hiking trails and the Martha Walker Habitat Garden.
  5. Napa Valley Opera House: The Napa Valley Opera House was constructed in 1879 and is a premier choice for performing arts in the region.

Napa News

Range Homes works in a broad spectrum of communities and regions. We are constantly on the lookout for local news that may affect the local housing market. Check-in regularly to see if any more articles have been added that you want to read.

Napa History

Napa Country is one of the original counties in California and was created in 1849 when California officially became a state.
Before roads and cars, most people traveling to Napa Valley were getting there by boat on the Napa River, with the city being a significant port in the area. Steamboat ferries frequently carried San Francisco residents to the Valley for days or weekends away in the country until the railroad was established in 1868, bringing even more visitors to the area. Napa Valley history is full of stories of grandiose parties for the aristocracy at the area’s great mansions like Cedar Gables and our very own Churchill Manor.
The most important transportation development came in the 1860s-the Napa Valley Railroad. The railroad was mainly a result of the efforts of Sam Brannan to support his new Calistoga Hot Springs Resort. Napa Valley Farmers and Napa townspeople opposed the railroad as an attempt to bypass Napa. The railroad was very favorable to Napa as it brought more people into the area, increased land value, and drew greater attention to Napa. Napa grew and soon controlled the trade of the northern county.

Napa Education Program Partner

Range Homes partners with a broad range of educational programs to fund the gap in resources necessary to deliver high quality education for our children.

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