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Modesto Overview

Modesto, CA is a city in the Central Valley Area with a population of about 221,000 people. Boasting the largest wine factory in the world - wine lovers will find themselves at home in this quaint region. With plenty of parks, bike trails and shopping plazas you won’t get bored! Modesto CA, real estate is a wonderful choice for your next family home or investment property.

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Things to do in Modesto

Check out the Tuolumne River which runs 149 miles through California ending at the San Joaquin Valley. Whitewater rafting runs aplenty! Or how about a tour of the McHenry Mansion – a house built in the 1800s for a local resident at the time, the house is built in a Victorian style and is available for touring. In the same light, you could also explore the McHenry Museum dedicated to the history and culture of Modesto and Stanislaus County. There is also a fabulous state theatre and baseball field. 

Modesto News

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Modesto History

Modesto was founded as one of the San Joaquin Valley’s railroad towns.  In the late 1860s, Collis Huntington, Leland Stanford, Mark Hopkins, and Charles Crocker (the “Big Four”) announced plans to construct a railroad down the San Joaquin Valley to connect the northern and southern portions of the state.  They decided to extend the Central Pacific Railroad but were unable to secure land grants to finance construction, as they had for the recently completed Transcontinental Railroad.  Instead, the land was purchased, then subdivided and sold.  Modesto’s original town layout is still visible today:  downtown is an approximately 640-acre tract with numbered streets oriented parallel to what is now the Union Pacific Railroad and lettered streets oriented to the perpendicular  (Section 29, Township 3 South, Range 9 East Mount Diablo Meridian). View the full historical document to learn more.

Modesto was founded as a village in October 1870, when the Central Pacific Railroad purchased approximately one square mile of land and began selling lots. Before the Central Pacific Railroad gave shape to the village, Americans had already settled in the area and began farming. Several villages sprang up to provide services to these people, among them cemeteries.

In the middle of the 20th Century, Modesto’s irrigated agricultural industry was well established and many related businesses had developed to support it. Modesto was prosperous and its citizens engaged in various cultural pursuits. Modesto received national attention during this period for its high–art architecture, which was even featured in books published by the New York Museum of Modern Art.

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