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Manteca Overview

Manteca, CA is a city in the Central Valley Area with a population of about 79,000 people. Manteca is a modest town brimming with family activities and things to do. With plenty of parks, museums, rafting adventures and shopping plazas you won’t get bored! Manteca CA, real estate is a smart choice for your next family home or investment property.

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Things to do in Manteca

Manteca boasts a rich cultural heritage, and there are many public libraries, city halls, memorials and other such cultural centers where the history of the city is showcased. Manteca also has a large industrial park and a visitors’ bureau that one can tour. Also there are quite a few churches that line the streets of the city. Travelers can also enjoy fun rides at the amusement parks in and around the city. Apart from this, shoppers will enjoy taking a walk through the numerous shopping malls dotting the city’s lanes.


Our suggestions – Kick back at Great Wolf Lodge! They have a lazy river, activity pool, kiddie slides and more. It’s just a 20-minute drive from Stockton to Manteca. If you happen to be making the trek, then you’ve got to stop by the Children’s Museum of Stockton. Give the kids a hands-on experience over at their nature room, interactive water tables, STEMLAND, outdoor playground and more. There are also tons of rotating exhibits worth checking out, so make sure to check out the calendar of events before your visit.

Manteca News

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Manteca History

Manteca is a city in the Central Valley of California, located 76 miles (122 km) east of San Francisco. It was founded in 1861 by Joshua Cowell. Cowell claimed around 1,000 acres (4.0 km2) and built houses on what is now the corner of Main and Yosemite, where Bank of America now stands. In 1873, the Central Pacific Railroad laid track directly through the area. The residents wanted to refer to their new train station as “Cowell Station”, but there was already a Cowell Station near Tracy. The residents agreed to change the name of the community, choosing “Monteca” as the new name. This was misprinted as “Manteca” (Spanish for lard) by the railroad, and the misspelt version was eventually accepted as the name of the town. In 1918, Manteca was incorporated as a city, and Joshua Cowell became its first mayor.

Manteca fashions itself the “Family City”, and it lies at a crossroads of major highways and railroads. As recently as the 1970s, Manteca existed primarily on agriculture and was still barely a stop between two freeways, Interstate 5 and State Route 99. The continuing rise in Bay Area housing prices caused Bay Area families to look further eastward for more affordable places to live. Since the construction of the 120 bypass portion of State Route 120, Manteca has become a popular choice for these commuters. The 1990s saw an increase in the city’s population and the construction of its third high school (Sierra High School), the first two being Manteca High School and East Union High School. The population of Manteca continues to increase, with some housing being constructed on what was once farmland to the north and southeast. Manteca has more than tripled in population since 1980.

Manteca is the home base for the “Not Forgotten Memorial Day Event”, the largest commemoration for veterans on the West Coast. The event is held the Sunday before Memorial Day every year. The event draws over 20,000 attendees.

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