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Lathrop Overview

Lathrop, CA is a city in the Central Valley Area with a small population of about 2,000 people. Small it may be, but still filled with people that have a strong sense of community and small town appeal. With plenty of parks, fun rides for children and even a smattering of churches. Lathrop CA, real estate is a wonderful choice for your next family home or investment property.

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Things to do in Lathrop

Looking for things to do in Lathrop, CA? Why don’t you explore the Dell’Osso Family Farms or local attraction Go Bananas full of fun activities, games and rides for the kids? Prefer a cool drink in a groovy dive bar? Check our Fire Side Inn and try their selection of beers. Lathrop CA has a beautiful harbor and dock area called the Mossdale Marina, where one can sit and look out to sea while enjoying a breathtaking sunset. Also, know as the City of Trees, Lathrop has numerous parks lined with green trees perfect for picnics and strolls with your loved ones. 

Lathrop News

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Lathrop History

From its humble beginning as a railroad stop along the Hannibal & St. Joseph railroad, the community of Lathrop, Missouri has benefited from a unique and rich history. During its extensive timeline, the community of Lathrop has witnessed many distinctive accomplishments, some of which are known worldwide.

At one time, Lathrop was known to be home to the largest pack mule production farm in existence, earning the community’s nickname, “Mule Capital of the World.” During the Boer War in 1901- 02, approximately 170,000 mules were handled by Guyton and Harrington. Almost all of these mules were shipped from the Lathrop location overseas to their final destination in South Africa during the Boer War. Another 90,000 were sold during World War I. It is reported that there were days during peak mule demand when up to 100 trains went through Lathrop. The facilities in Lathrop were able to feed and support 17,000 mules at a time, featuring barns as large as 65,520 square feet. Trains coming into Lathrop not only delivered and received mules but also brought in grain and hay for feeding the massive number of mules on hand. A large number of trains would often tie up the tracks for miles. At times, switch tracks were backed up as far as Leavenworth, Kansas, a distance of over fifty miles.

Lathrop today has grown to a population of over 2,000 individuals. At the present date, there are three schools in Lathrop, with a new high school currently under development. Lathrop has seen relatively slow, but constant growth in population over the last seven decades. Being located less than forty miles from Kansas City, it is expected that Lathrop will continue to see an increase in size and economy.

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