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Fairfield Overview

Fairfield is a city of about 108,000 people situated in the quaint Solano County, California. Known for its delightful weather and picturesque location, it is the midpoint between San Francisco and Sacramento. Fairfield is the home of the Travis Air Force Base and the headquarters and Jelly Belly. Vacaville CA, real estate is a smart choice for your next family home or investment property.

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Things to do in Fairfield

  1. Travis Air Force Base Heritage Centre: The center is a specialty museum, with the mission to educate Airmen signed to Travis AFB and the 60th Air Mobility Wing (AMW) in their development and the understanding of the history.
  2. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is California’s only combined marine life, wildlife, and wild rides-themed park.
  3. Sonoma Raceway: Sonoma Raceway has hosted some of the racing’s top events.
  4. Western Railway Museum: The Western Railway Museum allows visitors to ride historic streetcars and interurban electric trains from all over California and other western states.
  5. Jelly Bean Candy Company: Bring the family along to the Jelly Bean Candy Company and explore how the company’s famous treats are created.

Fairfield News

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Fairfield History

Fairfield was originally home to the Indians who settled in the Rockville and Green Valley areas. Excavation teams have found artifacts in the area that date back six thousand years, making these discoveries some of the oldest traces of Indian settlements in Northern California. 

In 1810, Bagriel Moraga led an army in an attack against the local Suisun Indians. Though there was great resistance, the Indians were forced to retreat. Reports describe many of The Indians in response to the lost battle lit their huts on fire after and perished in the flames. In 1836, under the order of the Mexican government, General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo arrived to colonize Suisan and create a buffer against the Russians at Fort Ross. While they were there, Vallejo’s forces engaged in a major battle between several Indian tribes, led by Chief Sem Yeto. Eventually, Vallejo overpowered the Indian tribes and became allies with Sem Yeto. The Mexican government provided the area with a grant to fasten establishment efforts. Unfortunately, a smallpox epidemic with them caused approximately seventy-thousand Indians to die in the following three years. 

In 1856, Captain Robert H. Waterman laid out the townsite of Fairfield – named after his hometown in Connecticut. In 1858, voters ratified a proposal to move the county seat from Benicia to Fairfield. As promised, Waterman donated 16 acres for new county buildings and, in 1860, a brick county courthouse and jail were constructed. The city of Fairfield was formally incorporated in 1903. 

In 1942, Travis Air Force Base was built east of Fairfield, providing a tremendous boost to the local economy, which continues today. Travis Air Force Base became one of the major departure points for military units heading for combat in Vietnam. The base was annexed to Fairfield on March 30, 1966.

Fairfield is home to a diverse industrial and commercial sector, employing workers in a variety of professional fields.

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