Are you looking for homes for sale in Danville, CA? Range Homes has helped customers buy and sell homes in Danville for many years and we are here to help you. Looking to buy a home in Danville? We have some great market data to help you pick the perfect area, and Danville Realtors ready to help you find your dream home.

Danville Overview

San Francisco town in the Contra Costa region, Danville, CA is a unique and diverse cultural hub. With a large population over 40,000 and is known as the safest town in california. It has a rich history and many parks & monuments to explore. This makes it a desirable location for families. It makes considering Danville CA, real estate a great choice where safety meets lifestyle and community.

Did You Know These Danville Fun Facts?

Things to do in Danville

A town with so much to do and many community cultural activities. The iconic Iron Horse Regional Trail offers bike and hike trails starting in Livermore, heading through Danville and ending in Concord. Danville is home to the Village Theatre and Art Gallery, which offer regular children’s theatre, shows and art discussions.

Danville News

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Danville History

The Town of Danville is located in the San Ramon Valley in Contra Costa County, California. It is one of the incorporated municipalities in California that uses “town” in its name instead of “city”. The population was 42,039 at the 2010 census. In 2020, Danville was named “the safest town in California”.

Often referred to as the “Heart of the San Ramon Valley,” Danville was first populated by Native Americans who lived near creeks and camped on Mount Diablo in the summer. Later, it was part of Mission San José’s grazing land as well as a Mexican land grant called Rancho San Ramon.

Initially a farming community, the Town of Danville switched from wheat to fruits and nuts after the Southern Pacific Railroad built a spur line through the area in 1891. It developed as a residential suburb in 1947 when the first sizable housing tracts were constructed and its population boomed in the 1970s and 1980s. It’s residential pricing is known as some of the highest in the state and country. This makes investing in Danville, CA real estate an excellent choice.

Many early Danville buildings remain standing today. The original 1874 Grange Hall exists as well, and the original Danville Hotel remains downtown which was last renovated in 2016. Many of the early pioneer names appear on the streets and schools, including Baldwin, Harlan, Wood, Love, Hemme, Boone, Bettencourt and Meese.

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