East Bay Realtor Tips on How To Plan A Move During A Lockdown


Covid has created many unexpected new changes in our lives. One such challenge is attempting to move during a lockdown. While most places are not in a lockdown currently, the potential for a stay-in-place order is always a threat, especially if new variants are discovered. As a result, planning and preparing for the unexpected is key. In this article, we will provide you with tips regarding the best ways to move during a lockdown from an East Bay Realtor.

Moving During A Lockdown: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Using Professional Movers

Moving Things Yourself

The Bottom Line

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Moving During A Lockdown: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Many experts advise against moving during lockdowns, and people should wait until lockdown restrictions are lifted. However, not everyone is able to wait: renters may find themselves in a situation where they are forced to find a new place to live. Others may find a deal on a new home that’s too good to pass up. The same can apply to businesses that are forced to close their offices or relocate to a different location.

Lockdown Moving Tips

There are two options when moving in general: calling professional movers or doing it yourself. Here are top tips for each option: 

Using Professional Movers

When using professional movers, ensure they have several rules and procedures in place:

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  • Wearing gloves and masks to reduce spread of the virus
  • Temperature checks prior to starting work and going on site to assist with moving
  • All trucks and moving equipment is sanitized after every use
  • Following all social distancing guidelines while moving 

These measures can help decrease the risk of spreading the virus. In addition, customers can help movers by doing the following:

  • Practice social distancing with the movers
  • Keep children, older individuals, and the immunocompromised away whole moving
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Use gloves and have hand sanitizer readily available
  • Wipe down door handles, faucets, handrails, and other areas that may be touched by movers

Moving Things Yourself

The second option is to simply move items yourself. Some choose this option because it limits contact with others. Here are the top tips for moving items yourself. (Many are similar to when using professional movers):

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  • Use as few people as possible to move
  • Sanitize items before packing them
  • Clean your new home the day before moving in
  • Use disposable wipes to disinfect items
  • Have children and the elderly stay away the day of the move
  • Wear gloves while moving
  • Label each box and place in appropriate rooms once moved
  • Wipe down moving vehicles (steering wheels, door handles, etc.)
  • Open windows to increase ventilation

The Bottom Line

Ideally, moving should be avoided during a lockdown, but that’s not always possible. When relocating during these difficult times, careful planning and preparation are required. Having plenty of masks, gloves, and disinfectant is essential. By having a plan of action and everyone being on the same page, the hazards of moving during lockdown can be reduced, increasing safety for all.

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