Danville Realtor Says To Revive Your Home by Updating Your Walls After the Pandemic


After being stuck in your home for many months, it may be time for an update. Danville realtors agree that one part of your home that is often neglected is your walls. Fortunately, there are several things, from a Danville Realtor, that you can do to revamp your walls.


One of the most obvious ways to refresh your walls is to paint. You can choose to paint one room or the whole house. Even a single accent wall can make your home look and feel new. If you choose to repaint, you should follow safe painting practices. If you don’t, you could end up causing harm to yourself as well as your home.


Wallpaper is a great way to refresh your walls without the messiness of painting. Modern options have many advantages, including durability, timelessness, elegance, and customizability. 

If you are putting up wallpaper for the first time, consider an adhesive-backed peel-and-stick form of wallpaper. The backing makes it easy to apply, remove, or reposition if you get tired of one color or texture. You can even get custom-printed wallpaper. With print-on-demand wallpaper, you won’t ever have to worry that the seller won’t have your design.


Adding texture to your walls is not nearly as difficult or messy as it looks. You can texture walls with either architectural accents or while you are painting. In addition, there are now spray-on textures available in a variety of colors. All you have to do is decide how much or how little you want to texture and go for it.

Be careful about using too much texturing. It can be difficult to remove if you decide you don’t like it anymore.


Paneling is not necessarily only for a ’70s-style home anymore. You can purchase paneling of all sizes, colors, and shapes. Consider using a chair rail style that only covers half the wall if you are not sure how this feature will work on your home’s walls.

You can also find older wood paneling you can paint to match a room’s color scheme. It’s easy to install, and you can change the color as much as you want.


A few well-placed trim pieces can help revitalize the way that a room looks. You can choose from hundreds of different designs in just about every imaginable color and style. A cornice, floorboard, chair rail, or molding change can make your rooms look bigger and more elegant, along with hiding any painting mistakes on the edges of your walls.


Although not an ideal solution if you have pets or a dusty area, fabric drapings can serve as an inexpensive wall covering. You can stretch colorful (or not-so-colorful) cloth across the whole wall or only certain sections. Because material comes in just about every style and shape, you can match any decor. In addition, if you are worried about installing a more permanent solution, fabric wall covers make for an easy way to change your designs if you don’t like them.

Refreshing your walls can completely overhaul the look and feel of your home. Each adjustment you make can add value to your home and help you get over the pandemic blues.

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East Bay CA is known for it’s good economy, beautiful landscapes and extremely popular housing market. When other states and territories have experienced decline in housing prices the Bay Area in general has remained strong. This doesn’t mean you should not diversify your portfolio across many states, but East Bay CA Real Estate is certainly a strong place to start for a novice investor. There are even some great low cost homes that are ripe for renovation.

Danville Realtor Says To Revive Your Home by Updating Your Walls After the Pandemic
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