Concord Realtor On How To Host A Fantastic Open House That Will Get Your House Sold


Looking to sell your home?  An open house is a great way for interested buyers to see their new dream home. Here are the top tips on creating a great open house from a Concord Realtor.

Concord Realtor On How To Host An Open House That Will Get Your House Sold

Tip #1. Keep it Clean

There’s nothing worse than an unkempt home. It sends a negative impression to prospective buyers and could drastically lower the asking price. As a result, a deep cleaning of your home is mandatory. Top areas needing special attention include the following:

Kitchen cabinets


Laundry room




Prospective buyers tend to look everywhere, which means every area in your home must be clean. This means clothes should be put away, no leftovers in the fridge, no cobwebs in the corners, food particles in the oven, etc. In other words, your home should be pristine and look like new. Hiring a professional cleaner is a viable option for those unable to do the cleaning themselves.

House 2 | Range Homes

Tip # 2. Eliminate Clutter

The goal is to have potential buyers focus on your house, not all your stuff everywhere. This will give homebuyers an opportunity to envision how their belongings will look in your home. Another benefit of removing clutter is rooms tend to look bigger.

Homebuyers will look everywhere, including closets and pantries, so stuffing items in these areas is not a good idea. Instead, consider hosting a garage sale, selling items online or renting a storage unit.

Tip # 3. Remove Personal Items 

Remember: the goal is for homebuyers to see their items in the house, not yours. This means making it look like a showroom: fresh paint on the walls (preferably a neutral color), plants and flowers in key areas, and appliances that look like new. In addition, completing any home improvements (if applicable) is advised. People look for reasons to reject the house or lower their asking price. Having to cover the red paint in the master bedroom or repair that ceiling fan with the wires hanging down could cause a reduced offering price. 

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Tip # 4. Hide Your Valuables

It’s important to remember that strangers will be in your home, peeking in every closet, cabinet drawer and under the beds. Make sure jewelry, computers, art, and other expensive items are removed from the home or stored in a safe.  This also includes mail or any type of correspondence you wouldn’t want others to see. All medications should be removed as well, both prescribed and over the counter.

Tip # 4. Air Out Your Home

Each home has its own distinct scent. Many of us become “nose blind” to the smell of our own homes, but people visiting for the first time will pick up on it. As discussed in Tip # 1, a thorough cleaning your home will help remove smells. (Bleach is a good option). Empty all trash cans the day of the open house and clean the trash receptacles thoroughly. In addition, consider removing pets a few days prior to the open house to remove any pet smells or protect those with allergies. Opening the windows is a great way to remove smells as well.

Another option is to create new scents: lightly scented candles, air fresheners or even baked cookies can provide an immediate positive impression upon entering your home for the first time.

Tip # 5. Don’t forget the outside.

A bad exterior can ruin an excellent interior. You want to make sure your home makes an impression, even when seen from a distance:

Clean the gutters/roof

Clean the pool/hot tub

Shovel walkways (if applicable)

Remove weeds

Pressure wash the driveway

Mow the lawn

Clean the windows

Concord Realtor’s Bonus Tips

In addition to the tips discussed above, the following are great ways to host an unforgettable open house:

Ask For feedback.

If your home hasn’t sold after a few open house events, ask for feedback from the attendees. They may provide you with critical information you may have overlooked.

Attend other open houses.

Plan to attend an open house or two before yours to get a feel for what to expect. You might get ideas seeing what others are doing. )Or you may discover something to avoid).

Have refreshments.

Popular items to serve at your open house include the following:

Fruit plates

Finger foods (bite-sized sandwiches, meat and cheese, etc.)

Freshly baked cookies

Bottled water, coffee, soda, etc.

Make sure to choose refreshments that are easy to carry and quick to consume. They should not hinder a person from being able to view your home or make a mess while doing so. Have plenty napkins and play relaxing background music in the refreshment area to keep the open house relaxing.

Print flyers or brochures for attendees.

Having professional flyers or brochures available for attendees is a great way to make a positive impression. Key information to include would be the following:

Total square footage

Contact info

Number of bedrooms and bathrooms

Asking Price


Pictures of interior and exterior

Property description/amenities

Picture 4 | Range Homes

Not everyone will make an offer on site. Giving them a flyer or brochure is a great way to keep your home in the forefront of their minds.

Send thank-you cards.

Send a thank you note to all attendees. The smallest gestures can leave the greatest impressions. Even if they aren’t interested in your home, they might refer someone else to your next open house.

Closing Thoughts

Hosting an open house can be a lot of work, but with careful preparation and a solid game plan, it could be a tremendous success. By not giving people reasons to dislike your home, you increase your chances of selling it increase dramatically.

Are you looking to buy or sell your property in East Bay? Need help with your open house? Here at Range Homes we have a team of motivated agents who are here to put your needs first. Our mission is to get you the best deals & offers, and help you buy (or sell) your dream home. For assistance with your real estate transactions during these challenging times, Range Homes is here to help. Reach out to our team today by clicking HERE.

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