Women’s MTB Skills Clinic

Women’s MTB Skills Clinic – learn new skills and make new friends!

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Join us and our good friend Brian Astell with Trailworks for a Women’s MTB Skills Clinic. Limited spots-so sign up now! Beginner Your mtb journey starts here. Whether you’re getting into riding as a form of exercise and you want to be as safe as possible or you have ambitions of someday racing and being one of the greats you CANNOT miss this beginner mtb clinic. We build the must have foundation that will enable you to be safe, capable and confident out on the trail. The lessons in our first clinic alone will give you the knowledge and ability that typically take years to build. Seriously! I know! How is this even possible? Well… come find out! Descend, brake, corner, get over rocks and roots and understand exactly how to continue progressing well beyond our clinic on your very own. Intermediate You’ve been riding for a bit… you can get up and down tough terrain but it’s not as smooth as you’d like. Maybe you see riders clean sections of the trail that you struggle with a bit or maybe you just feel there’s something missing from your riding that you can’t quite put your finger on. Come work on those technical skills and make that tough terrain feel easier. What hangs you up on the trail? Is it tight switchback up or down? High speed corners? Jumps? Does steeper technical terrain intimidate you? Not quite sure how to do a drop consistently safely or at all? Join in on an intermediate clinic and let’s get you conquering the trail! Advanced You’ve been riding for a few years and you feel pretty darn good on the bike! But… you know there’s got to be a way to take the things you love to do on your bike and make them better. Corner faster, bunny hop higher, conquer even steeper more technical terrain. Learn to shralp, jump bigger jumps, drop bigger drops and come out of those corners faster than you entered. Want to learn how to nose manual around a switchback? Let’s make those things happen! Join us for a clinic and learn how to get the most out of your bike and body by learning some precision technique. See you out there! Friday, July 14th 4:30PM-6:30PM Park at the Alhambra Staging Area and short walk/ride to the nearby CROW picnic area https://www.ebparks.org/sites/default/files/briones_map.pdf *A mountain bike in good working order and helmet are required. Comfortable MTB clothing and protective gear highly recommended and encouraged. *Need a bike to ride for the clinic? Helmet? Protective Gear? Contact BABP -we have a limited number of bikes/gear for community to use and we encourage you to reach out! info@bayareabikeproject.org

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