Self Defense for Girls and Women (ages 13 and up)

Introduction to Street Self Defense for Women. Hands on instruction.

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WHAT IS JIU JITSU, AND HOW CAN IT HELP WOMEN DEFEND THEMSELVES? Jiu Jitsu is a self-defense system that utilizes strategic counter grips, body weight distribution, leverage and proper timing to nullify a bigger, heavier and stronger attacker. Jiu Jitsu will give you the tools to fight from your back against anyone, anywhere, anytime. Self-defense is not only a set of techniques; it is a state of mind and it begins with the belief that you are worth defending. No matter what you do or say, you are never at fault if sexually assaulted. Learning these techniques will bring out the power within you to defeat a predator, and will also benefit survivors. Bringing enhanced personal power, it can become one of the most amazing components of the healing process. There are two types of sexual predators: strangers and non-strangers. While both types of predators have a common objective, they employ different strategies. THE FOUR PHASE STRATEGY MOST COMMONLY USED BY STRANGERS TO COMMIT ASSAULT PHASE 1: IDENTIFY AN UNSUSPECTING TARGET Assaults by strangers rely heavily on the element of surprise. This requires that they approach their target undetected. Accordingly, they target potential victims who are distracted, inattentive, physically weak and/or timid. They select locations that enable them to strike quickly and out of view of potential rescuers. Phase 1 ends when the predator has selected at the target. PHASE 2: SUBDUE THE TARGET Once within striking range, the predator will seek to subdue the target. Phase 2 begins with the initial contact. The nature and severity of the contact can range from coercive language to physical assault. Sometimes, the predator will verbally threaten or grab the target to gauge resistance. More often, a stranger will talk to overwhelm to target with tremendous force, and move the victim to a secluded site. Phase 2 ends once the predator gains full control and forces the target to the ground. PHASE 3: EXHAUST THE TARGET Phase 3 begins after the predator has subdued the target. The predator will attempt to physically and psychologically “break “the target’s will to resist by pinning her to the ground or striking her. In Phase 3, the predator expects the woman to panic and fight wildly to escape. This behavior hastens exhaustion, and it feeds the predator’s need to control and dominate the target. He knows that a demoralized and exhausted target will more easily succumb to the sexual assault. Phase 3 ends when the predator believes the target has mentally and physically surrendered. PHASE 4: EXECUTE THE ASSAULT Phase 4 begins when the predator attempts to carry out the assault and ends with the completion of the crime. During this phase, the assailant will rely on the target’s exhaustion, demoralization, and fear to maintain control.

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