Range Homes is a local Real Estate Brokerage in the East Bay. They have helped thousands buy homes & property in the East Bay community.

Range Homes is ready to help you buy your next home

Range Homes realtors are the local East Bay Real Estate experts helping local and soon to be residents to buy their first home, to upsize, to downsize, or perhaps to start building a property portfolio.


Market Analysis

Know what you need when buying property

It is important when you are considering buying a house, to have all the facts you need. The whole team at Range Homes has extensive real estate buying experience and local housing market knowledge. We will work with you to ask the necessary questions and gather the important data about what you are looking for, what community factors and features are driving your decision and many other home buying aspects. We will then provide you with a summary of a range of different communities and regions that we operate within that we think will meet your expectations for buying your next home. Range Homes will then be ready to kick off your home buying journey.


Home Financing

Tackle Your Home buying Finances early

Getting all the elements of home buying financing can be daunting. But it is crucial to ensure that you are on strong financial footing when we find that perfect property or that dream home becomes available. At Range Homes we have a strong network of home lenders and property financial experts. When working with Range Homes to buy your home, these experts become your experts. With their help, we will help tighten up your credit, and determine exactly how much you can afford for both a home and a down payment. Range Homes and its partners will make sure you are formally pre-approved for a home loan, all with the goal of solidifying your position as a serious home buyer.


Shopping Around

Explore your options when home buying

By combining your financials and the market analysis already conducted, Range Homes will be able to develop a broad list of property options across relevant regions and communities. We will align your must-haves against your budget and draw on our local real estate expertise and network of industry colleagues to find a new home that is everything you wished for. The process of shopping to buy a new home is exciting, so make sure that you take your time and enjoy the process of buying your next home! Don’t be afraid to look at all of your home buying options. We will help you find the right homes for sale in East Bay. Perhaps even ones that are not yet listed!


Making an Offer

The art of negotiating your home buying offer

The offer you make when buying a home is critically important not only because it has to meet yours and the seller’s expectations, but also because initiates the home buying negotiation process. Range Homes will help you formulate a fair, data-driven home purchase offer based on in-depth housing market analysis and draw up the property purchase agreements. Then, we will leverage smart real estate negotiating skills to guide you through contingencies and ensure you do not spend beyond your means. We will also be ready with a fallback home buying plan in case your offer is unsuccessful.


Careful Property Inspection

Conduct a thorough property inspection

As soon as your offer is accepted by the sellers, we will make recommendations for inspections. Currently sellers are doing several inspections prior to putting their homes on the market. However, you are able to have additional inspections if you wish to do so. We will provide you with a list of recommendations, and help facilitate these inspections. This is exceptionally valuable to you, the home buyer. It assesses and detects issues that are not always apparent on a property walk-through. A home inspection offers strong buying negotiation power and offers strong insurance for the new home or property. Range Homes will support you to develop strategies for any issues that arise. This close to completing a home buying process, we would not want to see you buy a new home that is full of old property headaches.


Financial Approval

Getting a Pre-Approval for a Mortgage

If you have not started this process yet, we are happy to refer you to our local lender. If you already have a pre-approval, that is great and we will work side by side with him/her. Range Homes will make this part of your home buying experience as simple and painless as possible. We know from experience how to keep the crucial final stages of home loan approval from becoming overwhelming for a home buyer. We will monitor the progress of your home buying transaction and keep you fully aware of any funds that might be expected from you. We will also work with your home lender to make sure all the necessary home buying paperwork is complete as we move closer to closing on your new home.


It's time to Celebrate

Congratulations you have bought a new home!

Escrow can take a lot of work and time, the paperwork can be considerable. But Range Homes is here to help, and the view from the top is worth it. Range Homes will be by your side through every step of this final stage of the home buying process. A few days before closing on your new home, we will conduct a final walk-through with you, and then, once both parties sign closing statements, the keys to your new home will be yours and we can all celebrate your new home and your new life!

Range Homes helps people buy and sell homes throughout the East Bay

We work with people buying and selling homes in the East Bay. Are you looking to find out more about a region you are looking to buy in? Click on the region below to find out current real estate market data and some great information on the local area.

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