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Do you want to work with a brokerage that lives up to its promises & that puts your career first?

We are a Bay Area and Beyond real estate company making a difference in our agents' lives. Join a fast-growing team that will help you propel your dream Real Estate career and level up your commissions.
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We nurture Talent:
hear from our founders

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Josh saves hours each week using Range automations

With the Range Homes team supporting me its been like a tightknit family

I became a realtor to help people achieve their life goals, problem solve while assisting others with achieving their dreams. With the Range Homes team supporting me its been like a tightknit family and I feel I’m growing every day in my work life and personal life. A very caring yet ultra professional environment.
Josh Smith

Want to Become an Agent?

If this all sounds good but you are not licensed yet, we can help! Click the link below to sign up for your realtor license and any associated course costs will be refunded to you when you join our team.

Doing things differently:
fostering family culture

Frequent Hot Leads, Ready to Convert

We use a series of different lead generation tools that bring us lots of leads, that are then confirmed and qualified by our internal support team.

This means you can:

  • Stop cold calling
  • Re-activate old leads
  • Look forward to nothing but hot prospects

Our systems let you focus on closing, and we will do the heavy lifting of finding the right leads for you.

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Viktoria has quickly become connected part of a team with great leadership & culture.

I would recommend Range Homes to any agents, recently starting or a veteran.

I have been working for Range Homes for just 2 months, and I am already so impressed by the team work. I have so quickly felt quite connected to the team, and our great leadership. Range Homes provide an amazing working environment and not only do they make you feel as a part of the Range Homes family, they 100% help to grow your business.
Viktoria Devinova Hill

Become the expansion:
hear from Jeff DeHart

Join a Brand Locals Love

Other agencies might have lots of followers, but are their agents truly happy, and are their clients? Don’t fall prey to the marketing machine – really think about what company you want to present to your clients.

When you join the Range Homes team you are joining a brand synonymous with community, consistency, growth & family.


We give back to local schools’ funds


We offer benefits to parents & teachers


We invest heavily into the local community


We help local businesses grow in a sustainable way

We have a major advantage over large brokerages - because we are hyper local.

Powered by Avenue8


The Avenue8 platform is a powerful system we utilise to make our agents’ lives
easier. The platform is expressly used to let you be more effective and keep more of
your income. Avenue8 has experienced exponential growth and is the business to
watch in Real Estate Tech & Marketing.

Grow Where you want to:
hear from Adam Cox

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Adam has built an extensive customer base thanks to Range mentoring

At Range we have two founders that care where you want your business to be

At Range we have a well respected broker in our community Lisa Caldwell. Some of the best technology in the business. Two founders that care where you want your business to be, will take the time to show you how to get there and the things that they recommend that you put in place. The biggest investment that Lisa and Mark can make is an investment in you. I have seen them do that with every agent that they have brought on.

Explore, Take a look around, get to know us...


Range Homes are local East Bay Real Estate Experts. Learn more about us, our history, our values, our team, our culture.


Range Homes is a local Real Estate Brokerage in the East Bay. They have helped thousands buy homes & property in the East Bay community.


Community means a lot of things to different people. To us at Range Homes, at the core of community, are a group of people who care about each other. It symbolizes a coming together, for a common cause and for the greater good of the people of East Bay.


At Range Homes we work across all regions of East Bay CA and are dedicated to building our communities and ensuring economic growth through the good and bad times. We live the ethos think local, buy local, act local.

Be supported like nowhere else:
hear from Cayla Kent

Benefits – All you need to succeed


✓  Range Homes real estate careers are supportive & rewarding

✓  Our market data keeps you up to date & informed

✓  We focus on leads, process and marketing strategy – no matter what stage of your career

✓  Consistent client introductions each year

✓  Support staff for tech and marketing implementation

✓  Technology to collaborate with customers

Michael Shapourian headshot

Michael feels supported in his personal mission to help all sorts of people

The team at Range Homes have helped me achieve my personal mission

I find pleasure in my role as a realtor because it enables me to communicate with many different types of people from all walks of life. I believe I am a change agent for positive improvements in people’s lives and helping them achieve their goals. The team at Range Homes have helped me achieve my personal mission, in a supportive & beneficial way.
Michael Shapourian

Join a Bay Area business
experiencing rapid growth

Range Homes is a leading real estate company in the Bay Area and Beyond. With a powerful reputation amongst the local community. By joining with us, you will be part of a well-respected business which is focused on providing stellar service and support to our agents, our clients and the community.

The Bottom Line? Make More Money

Not only do our agents on average make more money than their peers from closed sales, but we also offer additional passive income from:

Annual Bonuses

If you refer a new agent to our business, you get rewarded

Mentoring Bonuses

If you choose to take on your own agents and mentor them, we will reward you

Range Investment Vehicles

We have several opportunities for you to buy into property developments and investments

Grow with Us

Have you been looking to grow your real estate agent career? Looking for an innovative realtor training program to keep your knowledge fresh? Looking for a team that supports your growth and helps you to spend your marketing dollars wisely?

Who We are...

Always looking for new ways to grow your leads

We recognize, respect and embrace the things you’re great at

Constantly innovating, challenging & doing things better

Hiring talented support staff at the top of their game

No boss. Supporting self-management & leadership.

Heavily invested in our local community

...Who You are

Commits to finding the best, ethical way for our clients to win

A people-person, believing that the client always comes first

Contribute actively by sharing client insights

Deeply respecting the greater team who help you achieve your goals

Driven & ambitious but not afraid to reach out if you need help

Believe in the positive intent of others

We are an Employer of Choice

No matter what stage of your real estate career, you will find a home, and family, with us.

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What our Team have to say

Diversity is Normality

Unless opportunities are shared equitably among all people, we will not have strong, ongoing economic growth, not only locally in East Bay, but nationally and globally. Inequality among ethnic groups, women, LGBTQ, and people with disabilities hinders prosperity for all and fuels the need for safety nets in lieu of self empowerment, independence, dignity and respect. We do not discriminate when it comes to our team and we encourage EVERYONE to apply and feel safe & protected within a company standing for diversity.

Interested in joining the Range Home team?

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You are in safe hands

When you work with us, consider yourself family

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Mark Pages-Oliver, MBA – DRE:02020349 | Lisa Caldwell – DRE:01267745 | Range Homes – DRE:02111757

Mark Pages-Oliver, MBA – DRE:02020349

Lisa Caldwell – DRE:01267745

Range Homes – DRE:02111757

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Copyright 2021 © Range Homes.

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