3 Steps for Easy Homestead Home Buying in East Bay


You’ve worked your whole life toward retirement, and you’re ready to pursue your homesteading dreams in East Bay.  You’ll likely need a bigger home to handle the undertaking and still have room for visiting loved ones; the path to making your homestead dreams a reality starts with these practical steps via Range Real Estate.

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Figure Out Your Finances

Before you can buy a home, you need to get your finances sorted and get an idea of the kind of funding you have available to you; this includes savings, retirement income, real estate revenue, or other sources. If you have a lot of debt, most experts agree that you should work to eliminate or significantly pay down any outstanding debt.

You don’t have to do this alone. Many states offer debt relief and assistance to those who find themselves in your shoes. Explore debt management options in your area. These solutions are often determined by factors specific to your situation, such as how much debt you have, your employment status, and how you plan to pay your debt.

Once you have your debt sorted out, begin applying for a loan preapproval. If you aren’t set on using a specific bank, it can be beneficial to consider a national online bank. This allows you to compare rates not just in your area but from all over, increasing your chances of getting the best rate available. Research online banks to decide which ones are the best fit for you and your family, and then gather your documents to apply online. Typically, lenders require bank statements, pay stubs, driver’s licenses, or other identification. Each bank is different, so check with your potential lender to see what specific documentation you need.

Determine What Homesteading Looks Like to You

When it comes to homesteading setups, they are all unique. Some prioritize raising small animals such as chickens and rabbits. Others focus on vegetable crops and fruit trees. You may want to raise bees or do leatherwork. Make decisions about what you want most out of homesteading.

If you are meat eaters, decide whether you want to raise all the meat you will eat on your own or if you are comfortable supplementing what you raise with meat from outside sources. The same applies to vegetables, fruits, and other goods. Many homesteaders work together with local farmers to trade or purchase goods directly so they can uphold their principles without carrying the whole burden of raising everything they eat themselves. Consider what you are comfortable with so you can choose a home that will facilitate it.

Decide What Your Dream Home Needs

Now that you know what space you need for homesteading, think about what you need in terms of family. If you have grandchildren over often, for instance, plan on spaces specially dedicated to their use, such as extra bedrooms or playrooms. If you typically host holidays, make sure to prioritize space for entertaining.

Part of your dream home setup will be your outdoor space. Depending on what kind of gardens or animals you are planning to raise, you might need quite a lot of land. Research what works best for your homesteading plans so that you know how much land you need. You may also want to set aside space specifically for the use of grandkids, making room for a playset, a trampoline, or even space to play ball.

Retirement should be a time for pursuing your dreams surrounded by those you love. With your finances sorted, your homesteading plans in hand, and your needs in a new home decided, all you need is the right realtor. With your realtor to guide you, you will be well on your way to making those dreams a reality in no time.

When you’re ready to find your dream home, get in touch with the experts at Range Real Estate by stopping by our website or giving us a call at (925) 236-0915.

Housing inventories are at record lows in the United States, declining nearly 40% on a national level in 2020. In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons for the decline and future expectations for the housing market.

Why East Bay CA?

East Bay CA is known for it’s good economy, beautiful landscapes and extremely popular housing market. When other states and territories have experienced decline in housing prices the Bay Area in general has remained strong. This doesn’t mean you should not diversify your portfolio across many states, but East Bay CA Real Estate is certainly a strong place to start for a novice investor. There are even some great low cost homes that are ripe for renovation.

East Bay CA is a great place to start your property portfolio
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